"Ah, another adventurer! Of course you know who I am. I'm famous, as you know. When it comes to ancient artifacts, no one in Glenumbra has more expertise than I do."
―Lady Laurent[src]

Lady Clarisse Laurent is a Breton treasure hunter, residing in Glenumbra, High Rock. She can be found in her camp next to the Tomb of Lost Kings. She has a cat named Mistress Lamae.


Daggerfall Covenant questsEdit

The Jeweled Crown of AntonEdit

A Daggerfall noble named Lady Laurent seems to be some kind of treasure hunter. She's exploring the Tomb of Lost Kings to find something to add to her collection.

The Emerald ChaliceEdit

Thwarting the Aldmeri DominionEdit

Tongues of StoneEdit

The Weight of Three CrownsEdit

Lady Clarisse is found in Stirk alongside the other experts Vanus Galerion recruited to join the Coldharbour Expeditionary Force.

Coldharbour questsEdit

The Library of DuskEdit

Sorrow's KissOREdit

Vvardenfell questsEdit

A Web of TroublesO:MEdit

Stibbons and the contingent of Mages Guild hired help have gone missing in Bal Fell. Clarisse seeks to find them again and reclaim the treasure inside the ruins simultaneously, with the help of the Vestige.


"It's about damn time you Buoyant Armchairs arrived! I requested assistance almost an hour ago and—oh, hello. I was just thinking about you! You may not be a Bouncing Armiger, but you've never disappointed me before. Perchance you're here to help?"

What seems to be the problem? "First, my assistants from the Mages Guild disappeared without so much as a by-your-leave. Then my useless man-servant, Stibbons, vanished! Said he was going to solve the mystery but now he's disappeared as well. And it's almost tea time. Intolerable!"
What are you and your assistants doing out here? "We were the Bal Fell ruins when everyone left me. I expect such behavior from the hired help, but Stibbons? He's usually more dependable than that. Locate the mages and Stibbons, then use this signal wand so I can join you."
I'll signal you after I find Stibbons and the missing mages. "I blame the Investigator Vale books I lent to Stibbons. He was never this adventurous before he became enchanted with her admittedly thrilling stories. But what are you still doing here? I thought you were going to find Stibbons and the mages?"
What's so special about the Bal Fell ruins? "That's what we're trying to determine. Bal Fell was once a great city, built atop an ancient center of Sheogorath worship. Now only the Daedric ruins remain. Once we find the treasure, I'll be more famous than that blowhard, Narsis Dren!"
Narsis Dren? "No one of note. Just a pretentious, arrogant author and adventurer with an over-inflated sense of self-importance. He's an irritating Dark Elf who loves to hear himself talk. And the topic of conversation? The greatness of Narsis Dren. The s'wit."
You mentioned treasure? "Treasure, relic... I'm sure there's something important hidden in the ruins. According to local rumors, people disappear around Bal Fell all the time. That's what sparked my interest. Mysterious happenings often extend my fame and fortune."
Disappear? Like Stibbons and the mages? "Hmm. I suppose there could be a connection. On the other hand, never attribute to ancient curses what can be explained by greed and laziness, I always say."
Tell me more about these mages. "Oh, they were just your typical apprentices. Young, eager, hoping to make a name for themselves by working alongside a famed treasure hunter. The six of them readily broke off promptly at sunset yesterday and abandoned the camp. They abandoned me!"
Why do you think they abandoned you? "They already had my gold, so why stay and finish the work? Not the studious and well-mannered apprentices I expect from the Mages Guild. Besides, if truth be told, they were incompetent. I'm surprised they remained with us as long as they did."
Tell me about Stibbons. "My man-servant Stibbons? He's lazy, drinks too much, and requires detailed instructions to accomplish the simplest tasks. But his fish stew is delicious, I'll grant him that. I regret letting him read my collection of Investigator Vale mysteries."
What do the Investigator Vale books have to do with all this? "Have you read them? She's a brilliant detective. I fear Stibbons got the wrong idea and thinks he can find the missing mages, just like Investigator Vale. When you locate him, I shall express my disapproval for his reckless disregard of his duties."

"So tell me. What did you discover my man-servant doing when you happened upon him? Did he provide an explanation as to why I'm still waiting for my afternoon tea?"

Stibbons says a terrifying spider talked to him and he fainted. "A talking spider? Rediculous! Still, Stibbons has always been dreadfully afraid of the eight-legged pests. No excuse for shirking his responsibilities, though. And the mages? Did you stumble upon them while you tracked down my man-servant?"
I found two of them. One ran into the ruins ranting about spiders. I couldn't follow her, though. "Why not? Don't tell me you're afraid of a few spiders and a dusty old ruin?"
There was a magical barrier. I couldn't pass through it. "Interesting, spiders and a barrier! Some sort of spider magic? Regardless, such occurrences suggest there's more to these ruins than I presumed. A great treasure, perhaps? But why could the mage pass through the barrier and not you?"
Maybe it had something to do with the spiders that were talking to her. "She heard talking spiders? Incredible! I can brew a tea to keep Stibbons from fainting. Then he can listen to the spiders and lead us through the barrier. But we need to test its potency. Bring me a small spider from the ruins and meet us at my camp."
I'll get a small spider and meet you at camp.

"Now this is intriguing! Someone set up a little workshop in these ruins."

A workshop? What kind of a workshop? "Alchemy, from the looks of it, though I see a few components related to Daedric magic. Dead spiders, vials, various alchemical components... this must be how these mind spiders were created. They certainly don't appear to be natural creatures."
Do you notice anything else? "The notes in this journal... they refer to different kinds of spiders. Mind spiders, we already know about them. It also lists "pack spiders," "light spiders," and "exploding spiders." How exciting! Someone is making spiders of nefarious purpose!"
What does all this have to do with Stibbons and the missing mages? "The journal indicates that victims controlled by the mind spiders are needed for some sort of Daedric ritual. We need to find whoever is performing this ritual and you need to make them stop. Then I can lead Stibbons and the others to safety."
Sounds like a plan.

"As much as a good run from a Daedric ruin really gets the blood pumping, I wish we had been more successful. We lost a few of the apprentices and I never did locate any relics or treasures."

And we stopped a Daedric priest and rescued Stibbons. "I suppose. I still can't figure out how the priest was able to control their minds using spiders. It's a bafflement. Maybe one of these scrolls I seized on the way out will shed some light on this final mystery."
Scrolls from a Daedric ruin? Sounds dangerous. "No need to worry. Stibbons will examine the scrolls. He's ever more durable than he appears. I know a scribe who lives near White Ridge Barrow in Skyrim. His fascination with spiders borders an obsession, but I'm sure he'll appreciate the scrolls."
You really want Stibbons to examine a Daedric scroll? "I appreciate your help and your concern, but what possible harm could glancing at a few dusty scrolls cause? Here, for your trouble. I seem to have some extra gold after adjusting my staff's compensation. Oh, Stibbons, since you like to read..."


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  • "That's one of the spiders? You don't expect me to touch it, do you? I wonder why it hasn't controlled us? Too far from the ruins? Maybe it targets specific individuals? Well, release the spider and let's see if the tea keeps Stibbons from fainting." —During "A Web Of Troubles"
  • "Stibbons has a way of dropping a fetcherfly into the honey. It's a gift, I suppose. Don't worry. I'll figure out how to extract him from those webs... after I enjoy another cup of tea. Safe travels, my friend." —After "A Web Of Troubles"