"Ah, another adventurer! Of course you know who I am. I'm famous, as you know. When it comes to ancient artifacts, no one in Glenumbra has more expertise than I do."
―Lady Laurent[src]

Lady Clarisse Laurent is a Breton treasure hunter, residing in Glenumbra, High Rock. She can be found in her camp next to the Tomb of Lost Kings. She has a cat named Mistress Lamae.


The Jeweled Crown of AntonEdit

A Daggerfall noble named Lady Laurent seems to be some kind of treasure hunter. She's exploring the Tomb of Lost Kings to find something to add to her collection.

The Emerald ChaliceEdit

Thwarting the Aldmeri DominionEdit

Tongues of StoneEdit

The Library of DuskEdit

Sorrow's KissOREdit

A Web of TroublesO:MEdit

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