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- Make Stibbons organize our gear, in alphabetical order
- Make Stibbons categorize foodstuffs according to nutritional value
- Eat breakfast
- Give dirty unmentionables to Stibbons for cleaning
- Address the remaining members of the expedition
- Plan tomorrow's next attempt to reach Torug's shrine
- Eat dinner (I hope Stibbons makes fish stew)
- Debate historical details with Kharsthun (again)
- Write my daily report to the museum
- Review correspondence from Mages Guild and Telenger
- Reply to letters from Narsis Dren and the Vanos siblings
- Dictate more of my next memoir so Stibbons can write it all down
- Brush my hair one hundred times with my favorite combs and brushes
- If hand gets tired, make Stibbons brush my hair
- Read another chapter of Investigator Vale before bed
- Look for the candied nut that Stibbons always leaves on my pillow
- Write out tomorrow's list of things to do
- Make sure Stibbons has completed all of his work so I can go to bed