Lady Sulima is a Redguard found in Sulima Mansion in the Manor District in Abah's Landing in Hew's Bane.


A Double LifeEdit

His Greatest TreasureEdit


Show: A Double Life

"You are a friend to Saroldo's daughter? This must be much for her to take in. Please, ask what you will."

If Quen's father is dead, why didn't you tell her? "Quen." What a lovely name! It's the first time my ears have heard it. Saroldo kept all but the simplest details of his daughter from everyone. Would that he had done the same with me."
What do you mean? "After Saroldo's death, the Iron Wheel learned of our connection and sent a letter requesting an interview. What fortune I possessed now goes to the mercenaries guarding my home. Should I leave the manor, the Iron Wheel will certainly detain me."
What does the Iron Wheel want with you? "I wondered that as well. Saroldo did his private work in this room, and recently I had it searched. I found a ledger, but I can't make sense of the symbols. Perhaps it is best in Quen's hands."
I'll give it to her. "I am most thankful. I only trust my guards as long as I can pay them, so you would be best to leave discreetly. There is a hidden exit to the street. And Quen is welcome to visit, should she ever desire it."
Show: His Greatest Treasure

"Please, I never meant to harm anyone! The mercenaries who protect my home ... they overheard Quen and I speak of treasure. I promised them a share, and the rest I planned to give to Quen. You must believe me!"

Why would you do that? "It was the only way to provide their salary. The Iron Wheel never set foot in my home, yet everything of value has gone to keeping them at bay."
That sounds like an excuse. "It is no excuse. I told myself, "Saroldo would want you to have a small portion of his treasure." But he already gave me years of his life that he could not provide to Quen. I was foolish. Please, forgive me."
You were desperate. You made a mistake. But only Quen can forgive you.
You betrayed Quen. You don't deserve a second chance.

After quest in complete:

"I shall hide, if I must. The Iron Wheel took Saroldo from me - I would sooner die than bring harm to his daughter."