Laelette is a Breton vampire residing in Morthal. She is the wife of Thonnir, and mother of Virkmund, and a servant of Alva.


Contracting vampirismEdit

Alva, a vampire, fed from Laelette when she came to visit her. Alva decided to keep her alive to use as a personal servant. Suspicious of Laelette's disappearance, Thonnir, her husband, went to Alva for an explanation, since Laelette was last seen visiting Alva. Alva told Thonnir she left Morthal to join the Stormcloaks.

Murdering Hroggar's familyEdit

When Alva fell in love with Hroggar and wanted to enthrall him and keep him as a guardian of her coffin, she ordered Laelette to murder his family and make it look like an accident. Instead, Laelette burned their home to the ground, with the family still inside. During the burning, she became enamored with Helgi, Hroggar's daughter, and gave her vampiric blood, although she did not survive the fire.


Laelette became obsessed with Helgi, visiting her coffin nightly at the Morthal Cemetery to try to raise her back from the dead.


Laid to RestEdit

After speaking to Helgi's ghost, the Dragonborn returns to the Jarl of Morthal (who is either Idgrod Ravencrone or Sorli the Builder, depending on the status of the Civil War). The Jarl then sends the Dragonborn to the city's cemetery to look for Helgi's ghost. There, the Dragonborn discovers Laelette. She immediately attacks the Dragonborn. After her death, her husband Thonnir arrives, shocked that his wife had become a vampire. Suspecting Alva of turning Laelette into a vampire, they search Alva's House for clues, despite Thonnir's denial that any such involvement on Alva's part occurred.

Sanguinare VampirisEdit

The Dragonborn may contract Vampirism during the duel with Laelette, if hit by her Vampiric Drain spell.



  • Her appearance will change into the same as Volkihar Clan vampires after the installation of Dawnguard.
  •  PC   If Laelette is resurrected and converted to friendly during the quest under Console Commands, she'll walk back to where she spawned, and her inventory cannot be pickpocketed.
  •  PC   If Laelette is spawned via Console Commands, she'll stay as always hostile regardless Actor Value and Faction.
  • If Dawnguard is installed, Laelatte will wear the Vampire Armor and Vampire Boots.