"Welcome to Riften, traveler. I hope the road fared well for you."
―Laila Law-Giver[src]


Laila Law-Giver is a Nord and the Jarl of The Rift.


Laila Law-Giver is experienced and possibly superstitious. She wishes to make a good Jarl and rule Riften justly. Yet, she seems to be oblivious to the obvious corruption plaguing her city. Furthermore, she believes Maven Black-Briar, a devious business tycoon, to be an ideal citizen, which further proves her ignorance of Riften's situation.


As Jarl of Riften, she resides with her court in Mistveil Keep, where she holds court and dines rather enthusiastically. Laila has two children, Harrald, the older and Saerlund, the younger. Both differ in their opinions on who they should side with in the Civil War.

Because she supports the Stormcloaks, the Jarl believes that Saerlund has lost his mind or is possessed, so she tells her Court Wizard, Wylandriah, to find a reason. She believes she has the Thieves Guild problem under control, and her advisors reinforce her belief. Her housecarl is Unmid Snow-Shod and her steward is Anuriel.

Even though Laila supports the Stormcloaks, she agrees that Ulfric may just want to be crowned High King.


During the quest Skooma Trade, she gives the Dragonborn pointers of where to look for the criminals. She later rewards the Dragonborn with the title of Thane if they are known throughout the hold and have purchased Honeyside in Riften.

As a supporter of Ulfric Stormcloak and his rebellion, if she is removed from her position, she is exiled along with the rest of her family from Riften. She is then replaced by Maven Black-Briar, an affluent Nord noble who controls most aspects of the city even before her reign as Jarl. Laila can then be found at the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm. There, she laments on how she failed the people of Riften.



Unused dialogueEdit

In an unused quest in the Stormcloak questline, if Riften had been under Imperial control as a result of "Season Unending," it would have been attacked by the rebellion. After Maven's eventual surrender, Laila would have initiated the following conversation:[1]

Laila: "Ahhh... It's good to be home."
Maven: "Welcome back. I've left a few surprises for you to discover."
Laila: "How kind of you. And I've brought an army to give you a going away parade."
Galmar: "If you two are finished with the touching homecoming, there's a city in chaos out there."

Laila: "Indeed. Come, there is much to be done."

Alternatively, in the event of an Imperial victory, a similar conversation will occur, this time between Maven, Laila, and Legate Rikke (Strangely, Rikke's lines are voiced by and credited to Galmar.):[1]

Maven: "I think I'll like living here."
Laila: "So enters Maven Black-Briar, the glint of Imperial coin in her eyes. So tell me, what's the price for a woman's integrity these days?"
Maven: "You never were able to see the forest for the trees, were you?"
Laila: "We Nords were proud warriors once. And we still could be. Evidenced by the men and women who fought and died bravely today. You could see that if you had any faith left in that black heart of yours. But no, you're content to snatch scraps falling off the Emperor's table. Fine. Take my home. Take my city. May it burn down around you."
Maven: "A bit melodramatic, even for you Laila. Pack your things and go."
Laila: "One day when you can see past your own interests, you will come to see that we were right. And this... This is all wrong."
Rikke: "If you ladies are finished bickering, there's much to be done. Jarl Black-Briar put your government together. Do it now, or there will be rioting in the streets. We must move quickly to prevent further violence."
Maven: "Jarl Black-Briar. I must admit, I do like the sound of that. And don't worry about any rioting, Legate. I have it under control. We will soon begin publicly executing captured men. That should send a clear message to the people."
Laila: "Yes, but not likely the one you intend."
Maven: "Oh? I don't expect anyone to miss my meaning. Come, Legate. There's much to do."


  • "Speak, I wish to hear everything my subjects have to say."
  • "You have something to say, dog? Something on your mind?" (when in exile)



This section contains bugs related to Laila Law-Giver. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  ,  NX  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
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  • When attempting to become Thane of Riften and after purchasing Honeyside, upgrading or entering house before returning to the Jarl will remove the dialog options required to complete the quest. This permanently leaves 'Return to Jarl of Riften' in the player's quest journal. This bug applies only if Laila Law-Giver is Jarl of Riften during the aforementioned quest. This bug was not addressed in patch 1.3.10 and there is no known solution for consoles.
    • Update: this was addressed and fixed in the latest patch (1.4). However, there is a new bug thus recently discovered. In one case (so far) Laila Lawgiver disappears from sight. According to the player, when she had walked into the building in which Laila Lawgiver dwells, Laila, without moving on her own, lifted into the air, flew back and disappeared into a wall. The player then found her just outside the entrance to that same building with the same effect. As of yet, the developer and forums have not picked up on this bug.
    •  PC   Workaround: [player.setstage FreeformRiftenThane 200] will grant you the Title Thane of Riften and the Reward for the Quest 'Return to Jarl of Riften'
  •  360   PS3   Sometimes you do not get the option of buying a house and becoming Thane of Riften from Laila Law-Giver. This may be because you left a previous miscellaneous quest involving the people of Riften incomplete.
  • When you become Thane she does not give you a Sword of the Rift, but she does however give you a randomly enchanted weapon without a unique name.



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