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Lainlyn is a village in the province of Hammerfell.


Lainlyn is a coastal province south of the Iliac Bay. It has a western border with the Dragontail Mountains. It shares a border with Kozanset and Totambu to the south. To the east Satakalaam borders Lainlyn. Julianos is the main Divine worshipped in the Barony. The official military force of Lainlyn is the Host of the Horn. Their duties consist of all important activities from straight warfare to espionage to tax collection. Lainlyn is ruled ruthlessly by Baron Shrike. His brother Lord Kain fought to dethrone Shrike, by forming the Knights of the True Horn.

After a couple of years the Knights of the True Horn lost. The knights were scattered and Lord Kain was slain in battle. The most recent reports indicate that Lord Kain was made undead by the necromancer Arielle Jurard. When she and the undead Lord Kain sought to rally the knights, Lord Jaren of Battlehorn Castle trapped Lord Kain and Jurard in the grotto of his castle. Many years later, a new owner of the Castle learnt of the grotto and, with a small force of hired knights, he destroyed the undead Lord Kain and Arielle Jurard, whom by now had turned herself into a lich. Later on, in the year 3E 41, a man named Aideian Lainlyn from the royal family who founded the city took back the throne from Shrikes grand son Galiantius and ruled over Lainlyn.

Riglametha is celebrated on the 12th of Hearthfire every year in Lainlyn as a celebration of Lainlyn's many blessings. Pageants are held on such themes as the Ghraewaj, when the Daedra worshippers of Lainlyn were turned into harpies for their blasphemy. Lailyn is constantly troubled by the harpies. Lainlyn's population of Harpies is the largest in the regions around the Iliac Bay.



  • Lainlyn was previously known as Tava's Blessing. The town was renamed after the Lainlyn family.[1]



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