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Lake Honrich

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Lake Honrich
TESV Lake Honrich
Hold The Rift
Location Southeastern Skyrim
Type Lake
Enemies Slaughterfish
Lake Honrich, formerly known as Lake Honnith,[1] is a large body of water found in the most southeastern part of Skyrim, which occupies much of The Rift. The lake flows into the Treva River.

It is one of the largest inland bodies of water in Skyrim, comparable in size only to Lake Ilinalta. The city of Riften is located on its eastern shore, while Goldenglow Estate resides on the small grouping of islands, in the middle of the lake.


The area around the lake was the location of a skirmish between the Nords and the Snow Elves in 1E 139. Under the order of King Harald, a Nordic army approached the lake in an attempt to drive the Falmer force north into Harald's forces.

In the first few days, the Nords encountered heavy resistance from the Elves, but the closer they got to the shores of the lake, the fewer Elves they encountered. Eventually, the Elves counterattacked, forcing the Nordic army to retreat in order to protect its rear. [1]


Many areas of the lake are inhabited by groups of Slaughterfish and Salmon.

Local legendsEdit

According to Ungrien, three employees before him supposedly met their untimely death at the order of Maven Black-Briar, who had their bodies dumped in Lake Honrich.




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