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Lalatia Varian is an Imperial living in Ebonheart. She is second only to Ruccia Conician and is the one to give all the later Imperial Cult quests to the Nerevarine.


Ring in DarknessEdit

The Oracle, Lalatia, has had a vision and of a ring in darkness and needs someone to locate it, to help her unravel the meaning of her vision. She advises speaking with a Dunmer Scout or a Dunmer Savant.

Boots of the ApostleEdit

Lalatia Varian needs someone to recover the legendary Boots of the Apostle from Berandas.

Ice Blade of the MonarchEdit

Oracle Adusamsi Assurnarairan has gone to the Dunmer stronghold of Rotheran in search of a legendary artifact and has yet to return. Lalatia sends the Nerevarine to discover her fate and retrieve the blade.

The Scroll of Fiercely RoastingEdit

Lalatia Varian at the Imperial Chapels in Ebonheart will ask the Nerevarine to recover a powerful scroll, the Scroll of Fiercely Roasting. The scroll was last carried by the healer Urjorad who went to the Daedric Shrine of Ashalmimilkala to avenge his master's death.


The Nerevarine must recover another legendary weapon for Lalatia, which is found in the remote Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard.

A Lucky CoinEdit

Having been named Hortator and Nerevarine, and spoken to Vivec, the Nerevarine must head through the Ghostgate to assault the Citadels of the Sixth House around Red Mountain. Inside the Tower of Dusk, an old man by the name of Wulf will give the Nerevarine his lucky coin before disappearing.


Lalatia sells the following:




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