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Lamtower is a city located within the region of Ykalon, High Rock.



  • Uthyval's Bookstall
  • Lord Andoryan's Bookstall

Gem StoresEdit

  • Lord Gondyn's Jewel Box
  • Mordyrick's General Bijoutry

General StoresEdit

  • First Class General Store
  • Bargain Retail Store


Local TemplesEdit

Pawn ShopEdit

  • Agrynak's Hockshop
  • Vintage Used Gear


  • The Restless Cat
  • The Rat and Pit
  • The Feather and Ogre
  • The Rusty Huntsman
  • The Lynx and Cat
  • The Rusty Scorpion
  • The Thirsty Djinn
  • The Black Huntsman
  • The Rusty Muskrat


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