Not to be confused with Lanald.

Lanath was an Ayleid hero who set out to hide the Prismatic Crystal in The Elder Scrolls Online. She recounted her experience in her journal.


Lanath said that Endarre saved her from the dark manipulations of King Anumaril of Abagarlas. During her service, it was said she was the Excarch of the city.[1]

After the Delodiil victory over Abagarlas, Endarre led a group of five Ayleid heroes: Curano, Lanath, Ostarand and Valasha on a quest to hide the Prismatic Crystal. They traveled to the Dwarven ruin of Mzeneldt in an attempt to hide the crystal. Curano, the Meridian priestess, was killed by Animunculi. The other four continued on. Lanath gave her life defending against the constructs so that the remaining three could continue the journey.

The five later remained as ghosts reenacting the quest they accomplished in the ruins.


The Dangerous PastEdit

Lanath and the other four heroes will be seen throughout the ruins reenacting their journey hundreds of years ago.

The Prismatic CoreEdit

After Endarre tasks Ostarand with destroying the Mortuum Vivicus, Curano and Lanath guard the portal.