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For other uses, see Land Dreugh.

Land Dreugh (colloquially called Billies), are the adolescent phase of the Dreughs found in Morrowind and in the Illiac Bay. In Cyrodiil, they can be found at Crayfish Cave, near Leyawiin, and near the White Stallion Lodge. They have also been encountered in the areas around Bruma. They cannot swim; if they do go into water, they will not even attempt to swim. Instead, they will sink to the bottom and then walk around or climb out.

They have a soul value of greater (1,200), and dreugh wax, an ingredient used in alchemy, can be taken from their bodies.

General statsEdit




  • Normal

Damage typesEdit

  • Physical
  • Magical



  • They are referred to as Billies because during development they were part of a project codenamed "Billy."[1]



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