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This article contains pre-release content.
Pre-release related content is unconfirmed and may be changed or removed before official release.

Lanes are an important gameplay mechanic in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

The most common lane mechanic is the Shadow lane, which provides one turn of cover to a Creature or Character for one turn after being played.

There are more than 20 different Lanes in Legends.[1]


The most common right-hand lane in most matches, this lane provides one turn of cover for a creature or character immediately after it has been played. It does not, however, protect from spells or actions.[2]

Hall of MirrorsEdit

Whenever the Hall of Mirrors lane is empty, a copy of the next creature you play will automatically be deployed there. If you already have a creature placed there, nothing will happen.[1]


The Graveyard lane is similar to the Hall of Mirrors, only instead of getting a copy of your creature, you get a 1/1 Skeleton whenever a non-Skeleton creature in this lane is destroyed.[1]

Champion's ArenaEdit

In the Champion's Arena lane, the first creature you attack with each turn can attack an additional time.[1]

Plunder LaneEdit

The Plunder lane is one of several truly random lanes. Whenever a creature is summoned to the Plunder lane, it's equipped with a random item. This could be either a 1/1 Improvised Weapon, a Dwarven Armaments, or a Hawkwing Feathers.[1]


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