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"Me? I'm just Laralthir. I wish I were the Countess of Anvil, to tell you the truth. That Millona Umbranox, she's got it made...[Sigh.]"

Laralthir quote

Laralthir is a Bosmer healer found in the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil.


She admires Countess Millona Umbranox. As soon as the The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine is installed, Laralthir dies. Once the Knights of the Nine questline is completed, she'll be replaced by Amragor.


  • "Restless folks like you don't much like town life. Too slow and easy. For you, the life of the rover... gold and glory, blood and treasure."


  • She is marked for a scripted death, but is not flagged as essential. This way she can die twice.


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