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Orcstronghold  Largashbur
Hold The Rift
Location South-west of Lake Honrich
Type Orc Stronghold
Sublocations Largashbur Basement, Largashbur Longhouse
Quests The Cursed Tribe

The Forgemaster's Fingers

Characters Atub, Garakh, Gularzob, Lob, Ogol, Ugor
Location ID LargashburExterior01

Largashbur is an Orc Stronghold located in the Rift's southern mountains, southwest of Lake Honrich.


Largashbur LonghouseEdit

Largashbur Longhouse is the prominent dwelling for Orcs in Largashbur. It is roughly divided into four sections; the entrance opens into a dining room with sparsely-decorated bedrooms to the north and southwest.


The Cursed TribeEdit

The first time the Dragonborn visits Largashbur, he/she will witness the Orcs defending their stronghold from an enraged Giant. Speaking with the Orcs after the battle will reveal their current plight with the giants and the Daedric quest The Cursed Tribe will begin.


Notable itemsEdit



  • An unlocked chest in the northern bedroom.
  • An unlocked chest in the southwestern end.
  • A Master-locked chest in the southwestern end.
  • Several coin purses scattered throughout the dwelling.

All chests contain level-dependent amounts of GoldIcon and other random semi-precious items marked as owned. All GoldIcon can be taken freely after earning the favor of the inhabitants by completing The Cursed Tribe.



  • If the Dragonborn arrives at the stronghold before the required level for the quest they will find the gate locked and the fortress deserted. It is still possible to get inside via the rocks to the left. The orcs are gathered in the Longhouse and will treat the Dragonborn as an outsider even if they are bloodkin. Once longhouse is left, they will turn hostile and attack the Dragonborn.
    • Sometimes, only the Orc guards are present, but fast-traveling away will fix this.
  • The above note can occur with all that is needed to start the quest. The giant fight will be totally non-existent and everyone is crammed in the longhouse. A simple fix is to talk to Atub, who will act as if the fight had happened.
  • If front gate is left open, it is possible for a giant to come in and start attacking the members of the stronghold. This will probably result in the death of some of the members of the stronghold.
  • Even after the quest is completed, giants may still come and attack the stronghold from time to time.


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