Larina is an Imperial that is found dead in Hob's Fall Cave after being sacrificed by necromancers. Larina stole Pantea Ateia's Flute, thus leading to her death in her attempt to sell it to the necromancers in Hob's Fall Cave. The necromancers claim to be reviving the Order of the Black Worm.


Find Pantea's FluteEdit

Talking to Pantea Ateia will prompt her to tell the Dragonborn about a foolish student named Larina who stole Pantea's Flute and sold it to a bunch of Necromancers. Since the flute had been passed down through seventeen generations, Pantea asks the Dragonborn to find it and bring it back to her.

When the cave is entered she will start to shout, "Help me!" and "Don't just leave me here!"



  • While it is possible to wall jump up the entrance and find Larina alive, the task will never fully start. Doing this also breaks the trigger that spawns the final three necromancers who kill her, as well as causing her to despawn once everything else in the cave is dead. Her body will never appear on the slab.


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  • Larina sometimes can be found standing on the slab as if she is still alive. Similar to the guards at Shor's Watchtower, her "corpse" still can be searched for minor loot.