"Ssh. I'm an initiate to a company of hunters called 'The Hounds.' I'm supposed to hunt a wasp as my first quarry, but I... well, I'm not a very good tracker, you see? I've lost the wasp!"

Ledronor is a Bosmer hunter in Greenshade. He wants to become a member of a group of hunters known as the Hounds of Hircine.


Hunting the WaspEdit

In order to prove his worth, initiate Ledronor has to kill the wasp, Tazel the Sting. The problem is he is a terrible tracker, and has lost his mark. The Vestige can help him by finding and killing the monster and bringing back his head.

Hunting the TrollEdit


  • "Stupid wasp. It keeps getting away from me!"
  • "Fantastic! Well done! Of course, I can't exactly take credit for the kill. But I think I understand tracking better now that I've seen you do it. You're a natural!"