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Legacy of Baelborne Rock is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Athel Baelborne just learned that he inherited an estate. Unfortunately, the estate appears to be haunted and is overrun by imps.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Search the ruins
  2. Investigate the tower
  3. Inform Athel of your findings
  4. Find a book about Spirit Summoning
  5. Talk to the cloaked man Tsiniuc
  6. Bury Claudie's items in the Themond Mine
  7. Talk to Claudie Themond
  8. Complete one of the following:
    1. Break the curse
    2. OR Tell Athel Baelbourne to leave
  9. Talk to Athel Baelborne
  10. Complete the quest


Athel Baelborne has set up camp outside the ruins of Baelborne Rock. When the Vestige talks to him he tells the story of how he has inherited an estate and he was disappointed it turned out to be a ruin. Apparently his father, now deceased, had kept the place secret as it was haunted. Offering to help makes him pleased and suggests that the Vestige searches the ruins in three places for a ghost that even won’t let his own guards to enter.

Legacy of Baelborne Rock Ghosts

Ghostly appearance

Follow the markers to the three different places and fight the imps on the way. At the first mark two ghosts appear and they seem to argue. At the next place, the same ghosts appear and now they seem friendlier, but the woman is agitated. At the third and last place, the woman is begging for her life while another one is standing ready with an axe. Her lover stands on the side saying nothing. One will also find Claudie's Journal where she writes about her forbidden love to her master, Maurice.

Apparently the ghostly woman was taken to the ruined tower. Follow the marker into the tower. Almost at the top there is a bed, a skeleton, and a note, Claudie's Last Entry. Collect the evidence. It suggests a young woman who was wronged by the Baelborne family now haunts the area.

Head back to Athel, who has been injured as they tried to enter the area after the Vestige did. Inform him that the spirit belongs to a woman who dies after Athel's father mistreated her. Athel begs that they try and get rid of her and suggests to go to the Mages Guild and look in the library for a book or a scroll with information on how to summon a ghost.

Legacy of Baelborne Rock Tower

Findings in the tower

Head back to Daggerfall and ask the magus Eilina in the Mages Guild about a book on how to summon spirits. She will say the book can be found upstairs. After finding the book, talk to the cloaked man standing nearby. He informs the Vestige it's dangerous work, and he heard about them entering the ruins. His master sent him to give them advice and guide them to the right decision. He asks for the spirits name and failing to give the correct name will make the man withdraw the offer.

If they fail to give the correct name (Claudie), item (necklace), and reason (revenge or love), he suggests they need to find a way to summon the spirit on their own. Start in the mine near the cathedral as the mine once belonged to the Themond family. Planting the belongings in her family soil might awaken the spirit.

Legacy of Baelborne Rock Burial

Bury the belongings

Head over to the Themond Mine and follow the marker to the place where to bury the spirit's belongings. Once Claudie's ghost appear, follow her and then talk to her. She is angry, as she knows the Baelborne had hired the Vestige. She tells her story and begs them not to break the curse. It turns out she made a bargain with a Daedra as she wanted her baby to live.

After leaving the mine, the Vestige needs to make a decision. Either break the curse or tell Athel to leave. Follow the marker to either Athel or go to the waterfall near the Lady Stone. If the latter was chosen, examine the Daedric Warding Stone in the falls. Immediately a Daedra appears. Defeat it and the curse will break. Go back to Athel and talk to him.

He says he felt something happen, and as soon as they entered the tower, a man fell from the sky. He seems familiar to the Vestige, and it turns out it was the son of Claudie Themond. Athel is happy the curse is broken, and says he is not like his father; he will not hurt the young man, there has been enough hatred in the family. He rewards the Vestige with the Baelborne Signet and some GoldIcon.

If the Vestige decides to tell Athel to leave he refuses and orders his guards to attack. After the Vestige defeats the guards, they go to search for Athel. The Vestige finds Athel dead, having fallen of a cliff. Claudie is standing on the cliff together with Tachnim looking down on Athels corpse. She says that the Vestige did the right thing by letting the curse stand and rewards the Vestige with the Baelborne Signet and some GoldIcon.



  • Patch 1.0.1:Tanchim now yells at only you when interacting with the rune, instead of everyone in the region, including most of Daggerfall City. [1]


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