Legacy of the Three is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I discovered evidence of something amiss at the Windridge Cave in Alcaire. The fates of a knight and his comrades seem inexorably tied to the existence of The Three, a trio of bandit chieftans who once dwelled in these caves.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Windridge Cave
  2. Talk to the Spirit of Sir Edain
  3. Take Sir Edain's Sword
  4. Entrap Arie's Soul
  5. Entrap Gilbert's Soul
  6. Entrap Emory's Soul
  7. Cast Sir Edain's Sword into the Fissure
  8. Talk to Sir Edain's Spirit
  9. Complete the quest


While walking nearby Alcaire Castle the Vestige will come upon a Weather-Beaten Trunk and after opening it, they will find that the ol container has preserved the tattered remnants of a knight's garb, along with a journal and a crude map leading to a series of caves.

"<This writing is illegible, save for the last entry>

"Eight forgive us! To stop The Three, we were forced to bury Sir Edain in the cave along with our enemies. We were following orders, but that made the task no less difficult."

―Journal found in chest

Following the map will lead the Vestige to a large cave nearby, and in the entrance a spirit is standing like he is waiting for someone. Talking to the spirit of Sir Edain, a former Knight of the Flame, will reveal how he ended up in the cave and he asks them to help in putting the spirits of The Three to rest as they threaten the land. He'll explain the procedure and encourage the Vestige to take his steel sword to aid in the quest to entrap the souls of The Three. Defeating the spirits will bind their souls to its steel.

Legacy of the Three Rocky Tomb

Rocky Tomb

The Three spirits are in three different places in the cave. After taking the former knight's sword they will find them further down and by activating the rocky tomb of each of the spirit's, they will appear to the Vestige. When all three are defeated and binded into the steelsword, they must proceed further down into the depth of the cave, to the big fissure.

The souls of The Three are seen in the large fissure, upon arrival. They are not very happy with the outcome but after throwing the sword into the fissure will make them disappear forever. When talking to Sir Edain afterwards, he has sensed a change a serenity is now flowing into his spirit. He is released from the plane he was in and before leaving, he sends the Vestige to the surface with his gratitude.