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"Keep an eye out for trouble. It's only a matter of time."
―Emmanuel Admand[src]

Legate Emmanuel Admand is a Breton Legate of the Imperial Legion.


He is an avid supporter of the Empire as he will state that it is the Empire's duty to protect the Emperor, uphold the law, and protect the Empire's citizens. He is strongly against the Stormcloak rebellion.


If asked, he will tell you how to join the Imperial Legion; he says that since the Empire is spread thin, the Legion has to recruit locally. You can also ask him why the Legion is in Skyrim and how he feels about the war.


He is stationed in Understone Keep in Markarth. If the Stormcloaks take The Reach, he will relocate to the Reach Imperial Camp.


  • "The Legion's always looking for strong, capable warriors. If you think you've got what it takes, our headquarters is in Solitude."
  • "Can't wait to kill another of Ulfric's boys."
  • "Keep your guard up."


  • There is a chance that when returning to Eltrys during the quest The Forsworn Conspiracy, he will be one of the guards in the Shrine.
  • Admand wears imperial armor, imperial boots, and is equipped with an imperial sword.


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