For the creature, see Sadal.

Legate Sadal was a Legate of the Chimeri Armed Forces during the Nede-Chimer War in the First Era. Together with his brother, Balreth, Sadal sacrificed himself becoming one of the Brothers of Strife.


During the Nede-Chimer War, Legate Sadal and his brother, the General Belreth, were responsible for commanding the armies on a decisive battle that happened in Stonefalls.

Balreth, seeing that victory was nearly impossible, made a sacrifice with Sadal, the sorcerer Turoni performed a ritual transforming both Sadal and Balreth into the Brothers of Strife, enormous and strong creatures assembled with flesh and bones; "the ultimate weapon" according to an Indoril Officer.

The Chimer won that battle with the help of the Brothers of Strife, who were imprisoned afterwards.


The Vestige encounters Legate Sadal and his brother during a vision of the past required by a Telvanni Researcher.