"Quicksilver Mine is the best mine in Dawnstar, and you can tell those Iron-Breaker miners I said so."


Leigelf is a Nord miner and the owner of Quicksilver Mine in Dawnstar. He can be found outside the mine during the day.


He was once married to Beitild, owner of the competing Iron-Breaker Mine, a Dark Brotherhood target.


  • "What is it? I haven't had much sleep."
  • "If it's about the mine, I'm all ears."


  • If the Dragonborn kills Beitild, Leigelf may send a letter of thanks.
  • He will buy Quicksilver Ore for 25 GoldIcon each.
  • After Beitild's death, Leigelf will say that he is glad she is gone. She ran a competing mine, Iron-Breaker Mine, also in Dawnstar.
  • A courier may deliver a Letter of Inheritance if Leigelf dies.
  • He may be the one who hires the Dark Brotherhood to kill Beitild, as he says he is glad she is dead. They ran competing mines, so the death of competition would help further his own gains. The unexplained circumstances of their splitting-up may be a contributing factor.

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