"I spend every day tending to the fields and what do my daughters do? Nothing! Complain and caterwaul! Sleep and eat! Useless!"


Lemkil is a Nord farmer living in the settlement of Rorikstead, where he tends to his farm.


Lemkil has two daughters, Sissel and Britte, who, much to his chagrin, do not help with the farm. When he is not working on his farm, Lemkil can be found in Frostfruit Inn complaining about his daughters. His wife died while giving birth. According to dialogue from Sissel and Britte, it is implied that Lemkil is abusive to them.


  • He will purchase potatoes, leeks, and cabbages.
  • If the Dragonborn kills Lemkil, his daughter, Sissel, may send a letter saying, "I know you killed him. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. In fact, I wanted to thank you. He will not be missed."
  • If Lemkil is killed, a Letter of Inheritance may be sent to the Dragonborn if he was helped previously.
  • He is a possible target for the "Rescue Mission."
  • Lemkil will send a letter to the Dragonborn if Jouane Manette is killed, saying:

"I am aware of your recent assault on Jouane Manette. Rest assured that I have no interest in that particular matter. I do, however, have an interest in your willingness to employ force when the need arises. If you are willing to assist me, I will gladly pay for your troubles. Next time you are visiting Rorikstead, please call on me."

He will not give any quests when he is approached, but if the Dragonborn assaults one of his daughters, a quest marker will say "Report success to Lemkil." If Lemkil is approached after, he will say, "Ha! There's nothing like a few cuts and bruises to drive home a point, huh?" then 50 GoldIcon will be received, but the quest will not be completed.


  • "Do yourself a favor and don't have children; they're good for nothing at all."
  • "I have enough troubles so don't go adding to them."
  • "I spend every day tending to the fields and what do my daughters do? Nothing! Complain and caterwaul! Sleep and eat! Useless!"
  • "Curse my good-for-nothing daughters! My wife is twice the woman they will ever grow up to be. She gave her life birthing them. What a waste."



Jouane "Good day, Lemkil. I saw some nice dresses for your little girls while I was in Whiterun. I'd be happy to purchase them, if you like."
Lemkil "We don't need your charity, Breton. If my girls deserve something nice, it'll be their father who buys it."


Rorik "Those little girls of yours are growing like weeds, Lemkil."
Lemkil "Yes, and just like weeds, they're nothin' but trouble."

Growing upEdit

Mralki "Your daughters are growing up fast, Lemkil. Seems like only yesterday they were newborn babes."
Lemkil "They've grown, all right - lazier and more stupid."
Mralki "There's times I think you're the coldest man in Skyrim. This is your own flesh and blood you're talking about."

Little girlsEdit

Erik "I'm not saying it's my business, but I have to ask. Why are you so cruel to your little girls?"
Lemkil "You're right, it's none of your business. How about you keep your nose out of it?"
Erik "You keep on like you are, you'll end up with two daughters who hate you."
Lemkil "Hah! And what would a witless oaf like you know about raising children?"


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