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"Don't recoil from me, traveler. I mean you no harm. I'm a spirit of regret, not malice."
―Leon Milielle[src]

Leon Milielle is a Breton ghost found in the village of Westtry, Glenumbra.


The Ghosts of WesttryEdit

The town of Westtry is cursed, haunted by the ghosts of its inhabitants and the raiders who slaughtered them. The spirit of Leon Milielle, Westtry's priest, asked the Vestige to lift the curse.

Memento MoriEdit

Leon made a pact with Molag Bal that placed a curse upon Westtry. The final twist was when Molag Bal turned Leon's wife and the captain of the guard, Rosalind Milielle, into a vengeful shade. She may hold the key to ending this curse.


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