Not to be confused with Leonce Gavendien.
"Any questions you have about the job or your compensation should be directed to my father at the main camp to the north east."
―Leonce Diel[src]

Leonce Diel is a Breton found in Glenumbra, High Rock. Although it seems he is part of the investigation of the harpies, his father Lord Alain Diel has started to get back to enjoying the nature around him and do some fishing near his camp. It is located southeast of his father's campsite.


The Dagger's EdgeEdit


Show: The Dagger's Edge

"Stranger, a word. You look like the courageous type. I have an opportunity. You're sober, aren't you? Good. Are you interested in taking on a contract?"

What type of contract?
"Nothing too dangerous. My father, Lord Diel, hired a group called the Daggers to ... investigate ... the harpy threat. But they've been gone too long and I'm beginning to worry. We don't want any blood on our hands when this is all over."
So what do you need from me?
"Well, I need you to go and find them. You can take the one Dagger who managed to find his way back to camp with you. He can fill you in on the details. I'd send my guards, but then they wouldn't be protecting me. I'm sure you understand."
I'll see what I can do.