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My Lord Fildgor,

The contingent of Stormfist warriors you assigned to my command perform superbly. We've been disrupting trade and travel throughout the area, just as you ordered. When you give the signal, we'll begin the march toward Windhelm. We'll be in position to surround the city when the time comes to attack.

I wish I could be with you at Skuldafn, but I understand how important my mission is and why you entrusted me with accomplishing it.

I can't wait to bend my knee before you and witness the moment when you take your place upon the throne. If you would honor me with the task, I would love to make your cursed brother Jorunn pay for his crimes against you.

That milk-drinking bard! How he defeated you in battle is beyond me, Strong-Prince. You should have torn him apart like a rag doll. I know he cheated. I just know it!

We cleared the Goblins out of the Bastard's Tomb and have turned the place into a rather comfortable headquarters for the Brigade. But I'm afraid the soft living is starting to make my troops lazy. Don't worry, though. I'll beat that out of them quickly.

My troops are itching to do more than maraud across the countryside. We long for a real battle against worthy opponents! Hopefully, the skeevers guarding Windhelm will provide just the challenge we need.

Until I am once again by your side, I remain,

Agenor Storm-Blade


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