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My most delightful friend,

I understand you have been having some difficulty of late with your Senche-Tigers. I want to assure you you have my deepest sympathies. Valenwood can be such a wild place, full of thieves and scoundrels and terrible mystical forces beyond our control.

In fact, it is because of my deep sympathy for your troubles that I wanted you and you alone to know of a lucrative discovery I have recently made. There's an old cave that the Valenwood Bosmer won't go near. They call it the Harridan's Lair because of some old Wood Elf fable. I can assure you it is just a myth. I have been there many times now and never encountered any sort of "Harridan."

But I digress. My point is, there are senche-tigers in this lair. A great many of them. So many that an enterprising individual such as yourself could easily turn a tidy profit capturing them, breeding them, and selling them to yours truly (and other wise businessmen, of course.)

You are the only one I've told, but I won't be able to keep this secret exclusive for long!

— Bashshi-ra


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