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How's life in the tundra with our cousins the Wood-Hewers? How's the quality of the trees? Are there enough of them to keep you busy? And what about your social life? Meet anyone special yet? Are there even any other people around Bonestrewn Crest, or is it just you and our cousins out there in the middle of nowhere?

Things here in Windhelm have gotten strange since you left. Did you hear about Fildgor? Can you believe the Skald King's despicable brother has returned to Eastmarch? And with an army of renegade Nords and savage Orcs at his side? It's terrible.

Alvor sends his love. Tell Selgaard and Jakild that we're thinking about them. But not Kerthor. I'm still angry at him about what happened at last season's harvest festival. Him and those disgusting sour sweets!

Write soon!



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