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Listed below are all the possible letters that can be received from Lhotun throughout the Hero of Daggerfall's travels in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


  • Random locations


In the letter below, you will find variables instead of the names and places shown in game. For a more comfortable reading, they have been replaced with {...}.


Dear {...},

You do not know me but I know you. I know that you were shipwrecked. I know that you are trying to dispell the ghost of King Lysandus. If you want, I can tell you what I know, but I need your help in return. If you want to talk, my name is Prince Lhotun and I live in Sentinel at Samaruik, which is usually called Castle Sentinel. I hope that we can meet soon.

Yours truly,

Lhotun, Prince of Sentinel


Greetings and salutations. I hope your trip was uneventful. They say that you are keenly interested in the haunting of Daggerfall. My father and King Lysandus were somewhat close. Should you come visit me, I might be able to shed some light upon recent events involving Lysandus.

Prince Lhotun, Castle Sentinel