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{...}, You will soon have the Totem of Tiber Septim in your hands. It is forseen in the stars, and I have read them. Know you this. All of mortal stature are filled with pride and greed. To give the Totem to any of them is to let loose mortal vanity upon this world. They will destroy the very thing they covet. I have no earthly desires. I have no mortal pride, no petty greed. Only one such as I can wield the Totem safely, for I would take it into the Aetherius and leave behind this earthly shell. So long as the Totem exists, it is a danger to all on Tamriel. Bring me the Totem and I will safeguard the world. I will not offer you gold or gems. I will offer you what only I can give. Fame. Your reputation throughout Tamriel will soar. Lord of the Necromancers, King of the Worms



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