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In the letter below, you will find variables instead of the names and places shown in game. For a more comfortable reading, they have been replaced with {...}.


Dear {...} of {...}, Let me introduce myself. I am {...}. You may have heard of me -- the renowned vampire hunter? Do not be hasty in your judgment of me, however. I am not your enemy, at least not yet. While I abhor vampirism with a passion, and have devoted my life to stamping out this dark plague from Tamriel, I understand that many are innocent victims like yourself. The will to live is not of itself evil, and I always try to offer my quarry one chance to prove that their bloody work is based on necessity, not love for killing. I am sure that your "kinfolk" have not told you this, but vampirism can be cured. To do so, you must kill your "bloodfather", the ancient evil that created the line of vampires leading to you. In doing so, you will not only free yourself, but rid {...} of a cancer at its heart. (continued) I myself do not know where to find your "bloodfather," but my sources have revealed the name of one high in {...} who should have this information, {...} of {...}. I will wait {...} days before moving against the vampires of {...}, to give you a chance to save yourself. Consider my offer well, {...}. You have {...} days, then you and the rest of {...} will be hunted down like vermin. {...}



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