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Listed below are all the possible letters that can be received from the Dark Brotherhood throughout the Hero's travels in Daggerfall. Variables are replaced with {...}.


Nightside Asylum

Dear {...},

We understand that you are looking for {...}. Because we respect you and your work, we have decided to help you in this matter. {...} used our services once some weeks ago, and we received our payments through a small but fierce band of {her/his} allies garrisoned at a camp called {...}. If you are truly interested in finding {...}, you would be smart to start there. Good luck and may Mephala steady thy aim. -- The Brotherhood

{...} The Dark Brotherhood has been watching you. You have slain without sanction several times. You must now join us, or be counted as our foe. Travel to {...} in {...} and see {...},who will give you further instructions. A Brother

{...}, Do not make an enemy of the Dark Brotherhood. We can be great help to one another, but you could not wish for a worse enemy. When you have {...}'s research paper, bring it tome here at {...} in {...}. Fail not, or the wrath of Mephala, Queen of Oblivion be on you. {…}


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