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If the Dragonborn is not a Thane of Falkreath, this letter may be delivered after installing The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire. If the Dragonborn is Thane of Falkreath, they will receive a Letter from the Steward of Falkreath instead.


  • Delivered by a courier after Hearthfire is installed.


Build Your Own HomeEdit

Speak to the current Jarl of Falkreath. Depending on the civil war situation, this can be either Siddgeir or Dengeir of Stuhn. The Jarl will give the Dragonborn a radiant quest to kill a bandit leader, and allow him or her to purchase land in Falkreath Hold once this quest is complete. If the Dragonborn has not started on the path to becoming Thane of Falkreath, receiving this letter allows them to skip the quest "Rare Gifts" (fetching a drink for the Jarl) and progress immediately on to the second (killing a radiant bandit leader).


{player name},

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is {Siddgeir/Dengeir}, and I have the honor to be the Jarl of the proud and ancient city of Falkreath.

The fame of your exploits across Skyrim has brought you to my attention. If you are interested in becoming a Thane of Falkreath hold, I invite you to speak to me the next time you are in Falkreath. Aside from the honor that accrues to the title, my thanes are entitled to a personal housecarl. I also can tell you privately that a choice parcel of land in Falkreath would be available for your purchase should your services prove useful to me.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

I remain,

Jarl {Siddgeir/Dengeir} of Falkreath


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