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Letter from the Orsinium Orphanage

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  • Author: Oorga gra-Shazgul


Dear Sir,

I know you prefer to remain anonymous, but I must write to express my thanks. Your tireless work over the last several years to help the Orsinium Orphanage has been beyond generous. The gold and gifts you sent have been put to good use, warming the beds and the hearts of countless Orc children. We have also been able to expand the orphanage itself, making it the finest in all the Daggerfall Covenant.

Our city's scholars were shocked to see the tomes of Orcish history you tracked down on our behalf. You have restored knowledge to our people that was believed lost for all time. May Mauloch bless you for what you've done.

Oorga gra-Shazgul

Headmistress, Orsinium Home for Displaced Children


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