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Listed below are all the possible letters that can be received from the Thieves Guild throughout the Hero's travels in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


In the letter below, you will find variables instead of the names and places shown in game. For a more comfortable reading, they have been replaced with {...}.


{...}, Awright, this is gonna be a quick note, but your pals in the Thieves Guild want to help you out. Now we don't know who actually took that {...} from {...}, but we know you didn't. Let's face it -- if you had taken that {...}, you wouldn't be in near as much trouble. You're a smart kid, smart enough to get away with it. But someone is framing you. The person who identified a {...} who looked like you stealing the {...} was a certain {...} by the name of {...}. Couldn't tell you whether {she/he}'s telling the truth or not, whether {she/he} saw someone who looked like you or not, but we figure you can make those inquiries yourself. You can find this {...} in a tavern called {...} right in {...}. Just watch out for yourself. This ain't a game. The Thieves Guild

{...}, {...} is being held in {...}. Do your worse. We don't mind. The kidnappers are bloody freelancers. -- The Thieves Guild

{...}, {...} is a thief, but not one of ours. We would like {her/him} to be caught as well. Please accept this contribution to your expenses, and this other bit of information: {...} is not working alone. There is a gang of mercenaries under {her/his} direction in a place called {...}. Some of {her/his} treasure may be kept there as well, but I do not think {...} is there. Good luck, {...}, and walk with Baan Dar. -- The Guild

{...}, You are a thief. Do not try to deny it, you have been seen in the act. There is honor among thieves. Either join the guild or face the consequences. Steal the {...} from {...} in {...} if you desire to join us. You have {...} days.


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