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Heed my commands, servant of the Shadowed Path!

High have you risen in our ranks. Succeed in the task I lay upon you and you will rise higher still. Fail and you will die in agony.

The Lord of Darkness has revealed to me that an ancient relic lies hidden beneath the soil of southern Cyrodiil. The collapse of the Empire enables us to search for it unimpeded. With this relic in hand, I will lead the Shadowed Path in conquest of the Imperial City and all of Cyrodiil!

You are to scour the cavern known as Haynote. Pulverize every rock, crack open every seam—every effort must be made to uncover the relic. Do not return without it.

I give you command of the Circle of the Shadowed Path formerly ruled by Theurgist Thelas. She is no longer in my favor. Repentance is her lot now, to ensure that she survives to face my continued displeasure.

Do not fail me.

— Dreadlord Naucratius


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