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The Letters to the Guild of Mages is the name given to three letters written by the lich Erandur-Vangaril to the Mages Guild, with the first two crumpled and strewn about, while the final is complete on the desk.

The three versions differ due to Erandur-Vangaril changing as he wrote the letters, beginning with most of his sanity and humanity intact, and ending as a complete lich.



Letter 1: Letter to the Guild of MagesEdit

An open letter to the Guild of Mages

Respected Archmages, if this letter makes it to your hands, it is either through my miraculous escape from Lost Boy Cavern, or the noble hands of an intrepid explorer, who did not share my gruesome fate. The dire task I undertook alone, when your hands denied me aid, ended in peril. Despite my studies, I failed the casting to banish the Lich befouling the spirit of my dear friend Erandur, and an evil took root within me. Surely your noble countenance will not be furrowed to hear -

Letter 2: Letter to the Guild of MagesEdit

A letter for the Once Great Mage's council

The words you read now are those of a man sentenced to the icy grip of undeath, so doomed by your hand. Though thy folly was perhaps only to follow protocol, may my fate haunt your dreams. I vigorously trained myself as a spellsword to purge the lich that had dominated the soul of my once-noble friend Erandur, but my pointless expulsion from your misguided coven barred me from the appropriate training; the blame falls upon your brow for my errors in banishing the lich, the blame falls to you for its infestation of my mind... May the Worm King himself usurp you, piteous hounds of -

Letter 3: Letter to the Guild of MagesEdit

An open threat to the Guild of Mages

Your days are at an end, your blind bureaucracy finished! Your maggot-filled hearts will rot in the eaves of my inner sanctum, your flesh nothing more than tattered mort meat, your paltry souls forfeit. I will consume you, each one. The fell might of Lich ErandurVangaril will be your end! Daedraeka! Mannimarco Daedroth Kvatch Mannimarco Erandur-Vangaril Oblivion Tska Tska Takaesh!