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&nbsp Face the "first" lever, activate it turn left and activate the "second" lever. Walk through the gate to activate the "third" lever that will be straight ahead of you. Turn around and activate the "second" lever one more time. Walk towards the "first" lever, the gate right in front of it should be open at this time . Walk through it to activate our "fourth" lever, this will open up the gate right in front of you which will take you to our "fifth" lever activate it. Turn around walk back and activate the "fourth" lever. Walk back to our "first" lever and take a right. Activate the "second" lever once more, now you should be able to reach the room with the red valve. Avtivating the valve will open up all gates and you will be able to access the next level of this dungeon. In the room with the red valve there are two chests one of which is right next to the valve and is unlocked and the second one is closer towards the entrance and requires master proficiency in lockpicking. It is well worth the effort--filled with many items including a flawless gem and an enchanted item.