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Leyawiin Recommendation is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. As part of the Join the Mages Guild questpile, the Hero must get a recommendation from the Mages Guild Hall of each city.


Mages GuildEdit

Approach Dagail and ask her about her recommendation. Her response is very cryptic, to say the least. Find Agata and ask her about this and she'll explain that Dagail is a seer and that her visions are crippling her because her protective amulet, the Seer's Stone, has gone missing. She asks the Hero to investigate.

Asking around will point the finger of blame towards Kalthar, a rather arrogant member of the guild. Kalthar lives in the basement of the Mages' Guild. Talk to him and he proves to resent Dagail's position in the Guild and mentions that her father had similar problems. Head back to Agata and talk to her again—she assumes that Kalthar must have overheard a conversation between her and Dagail, but doesn't remember Dagail's father ever being mentioned.

Go to talk to Dagail again and before they get to ask her anything, she proves that the visions are definitely working by anticipating the question. She goes all cryptic again, but fortunately this time around the journal bails the player out by translating—they've got to head for the fort where her father was stationed. This is Fort Blueblood, not too far out of town—which will appear on the Hero's map.

Fort BluebloodEdit

Leyawiin Recommendation Coffin

Dagail's late father's coffin

Fort Blueblood is a two-area dungeon mainly populated by Marauders, a mix of fighters, archers and battlemages. Battle through to the last room, where the player will find the coffin occupied by Dagail's late father, in which they'll find the amulet that he used. It is protected by a couple of beasts, both of which are level dependent.

Before they get very far on the way out, Kalthar stops them. He reveals that it was he who stole Dagail's amulet, planning to return it after she'd been forced to step down from her position among the Guild's ranks; as one might expect, he has a very specific idea about who should take her place. They don't get any choice other than fighting him.

Leyawiin Recommendation

Killing Kalthar

Fight and kill him and then get his key off his dead body to make an easy exit from the fort.

Return to Leyawiin and give the amulet to Dagail and restored to coherency, she'll gladly give her recommendation for their initiation. She will also tell the Hero something she has seen in their future.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I need to find an amulet so that Dagail will send a recommendation to the Arcane University for me. Agata may know more.

  • Update: After speaking to Agata:

I need to speak with the mages in the Leyawiin guild hall, in case any of them have seen Dagail's amulet.

  • Update: After speaking to Kalthar:

Kalthar seemed to know a great deal about the missing amulet. I should tell Agata what he has told me.

  • Update: After speaking to Agata again:

Agata has asked that I attempt to question Dagail about her father, to find out what his connection to the amulet may be.

  • Update: After questioning Dagail:

I need to find the fort at which Dagail's father was stationed. It should be somewhere near Leyawiin

  • Update: Upon arriving at Fort Blueblood:

I've arrived at Fort Blueblood. Dagail's father should be buried inside.

  • Update: Upon obtaining the Amulet:

I have found the amulet Dagail needed. I should return it to her immediately.

  • Update: After defeating Kalthar:

I've defeated Kalthar, who was attempting to manipulate Dagail. I need to give her this information immediately.

  • Update: After delivering the amulet to Dagail

I have delivered the amulet to Dagail.

  • Quest complete


  • Talk to people around the guild to find out about the Seer's Stone.
  • Ensure that they talk to Kalthar first. If not, they will be unable to give Dagail the amulet. Likewise, whilst it is perfectly possible to (providing one have a high enough sneak) pickpocket Kalthar and take the key required in order to get out of the fort, they need to talk.
  • After the quest, Mages Guild members will start saying, "Kalthar tried to ruin the Leyawiin guild. Just goes to show you can't trust a Necromancer, even if he claims to be 'reformed'."

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