"Have you come to see our wonder in miniature? Our magnificent tribute to Morrowind? Alas, the work is not yet complete. And, truth be told, there is more to our miniature Vvardenfell than simply a representation of our land at a reduced scale."
―Librarian Bradryn[src]

Librarian Bradryn is a Dunmer librarian who manages the Library of Vivec in the Temple Canton of Vivec City. He has been composing a map of Vvardenfell from rubbings found across ancestral tombs on the island, in search of the Library of Andule.


The Ancestral TombsEdit

The Library of AnduleEdit


You're building a model of Vvardenfell? "Indeed! And once complete us to the location of the lost Library of Andule, the secret repository of the knowledge of the Great Houses. I just need someone to help me handle the legwork, as it were."

What kind of help do you need? "Well, that's the rub. Literally. The ancient families of Vvardenfell hid the location of the library and then placed clues to find it at their ancestral tombs. I need someone to take rubbings of these clues. Will you help me solve this mystery?"
I'll go get a rubbing. "Excellent! Let's start with a simple one. Head north of Vivec and travel to the Othrelas Ancestral Tomb. Look for a stone plaque near the tomb and take a rubbing of the words inscribed upon it. Return to me with the rubbing and ... well, you'll see."
Tell me about the ancestral tombs. "Every important family owns at least one tomb. Of course, I'm most interested in those that predate the rise of the Great Houses. Specifically, we're hoping to recover records presumed lost during the War of the First Council."
What kind of records? "Oh, genealogical records related to the earliest Velothi settlers. It could improve our understanding of the origins of the Great Houses a hundredfold. And who knows what other lost knowledge waits within the library? It really is quite exciting!"