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For other uses, see Lich.

Liches are undead creatures that heavily utilize Necromancy, and appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. Several necromany-aligned factions use Liches, including Shadowed Path, Worm Cult, and Withered Hand.


Defiled GroundEdit

Necrotic SpearEdit

Soul CageEdit

Prior to Update 4, killing a Lich would not stop this ability.[1]

Soul RuptureEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Related QuestsEdit




=Generic VariationsEdit

Related AchievementsEdit

  • Bahraha's Gloom Explorer - Defeat Magnifico Bahraha.
  • Buried Sands Explorer - Defeat the bosses, including The Swarming Tide.
  • Crypt of Hearts I Conqurer and Crypt of Hearts I Assassin are both achivements earned by defeating, amongst others, Uulkar Bonehand.
  • Horror of Horros - Defeat all Patrolling Horrors IC
  • Lich Butcher - Defeat Qumehdi and Zaman in Telesubi Ruins.
  • Lower Craglorn Cave Delver - complete the Deleves in Lower Craglorn (including Ruins of Kardala
  • Wayrest Sewers Vanquisher and Veteran Wayrest Sewers Assassin are related to Garron the Returned.

Related BooksEdit




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