"That's enough blasphemy out of you for one day! The Grand Chanter wants to have a word with you."
―Lieutenant Mervial[src]

Lieutenant Mervial is an Imperial member of the Order of the Hour. She is first encountered after she catches the player spreading Boethiah's heresy throughout Kvatch.

She is later encountered a second time, now hostile, where she sets up an ambush at a shrine of Akatosh out in the wilderness of the Gold Coast.


Pious InterventionEdit


Daedra WorshipEdit

"Your foul words have consequences, heretic. The Grand Chanter has ordered you to appear before him."

Is there a problem? "Problem? Yes, there's a problem! You're preaching Boethiah's lies to the faithful initiates of the Society of the Dragon! The Grand Chanter won't stand for that, and neither will I. He orders you to the appear before him in the Chamber of Penance."
You're obviously dangerous, so I suppose I have no choice. "Well ... that's right, I am dangerous. Now march! If you're lucky the Grand Chanter's justice will take form of a simple fine for all the trouble you caused. If you resist or continue to disturb the initiates, I can't gaurantee your safety."
Let's go see the Grand Chanter.
Why does the Grand Chanter fear the words of Boethiah? "The Grand Chanter fears nothing, least of all a pathetic Daedra who pales in comparison to the mighy Dragon God! Now go see the Grand Chanter and face your judgment or I'll gut you here and now."
Very well, let's go see the Grand Chanter.
Help! Someone! They're going to make me disappear! "No righteous citizen of Kvatch will raise a finger to help a Daedra worshiper! Now march! If you cause further trouble, I can't gaurantee your safety."
Oh, very well. Let's go see the Grand Chanter.


Grand Chanter Surus: "Lieutenant, how has this heretic transgressed against the Dragon God?"
Lieutenant Mervial: "By spreading the word of Boethiah to the initiates."
Grand Chanter Surus: "There's only one punishment for blasphemy. Behead them!"
Initiate Josseline: "What? Isn't that a little extreme?"
Grand Chanter Surus: "You dare question the will of Akatosh?"
Initiate Josseline: "It doesn't say anything about beheadings in the Book of Akatosh."
Grand Chanter Surus: "Silence, initiate! Lieutenant, deliver Akatosh's justice."
Initiate Josseline:[Lerisa appears] "Lerisa? I should have known! I'm leaving."


  • She can be killed during a certain phase in "Pious Intervention," but not before that point.