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Not to be confused with Lifting the Vale.

Lifting the Veil is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Razum-dar
  2. Speak to the noble
  3. Follow the noble
  4. Go to the Barbed Hook Tavern
  5. Find the Veiled Heritance recruiter
  6. Get a Royal Guard's sword
  7. Return to Palomir
  8. Drink...
  9. Speak to Palomir


Speak to the strangely dressed noble. He will direct you to go to the Barbed Hook tavern and find the Veiled Heritance recruiter (Palomir).

Once you enter the Barbed hook tavern, speak to Palomir just to the right.

Once you have spoken to Palomir, exit the tavern and head back inland.   Speak to any Royal Guard and you will be given the option to persuade (Persuade skill required), or bribe the guard for money.   Once you have obtained the sword, return to palomir in the Barbed Hook tavern and give him the sword.   You will share a drink with him, pass out, and awake on Errinorne Isle (the Veiled Isle), training ground of the Veiled Heritance.

Once you awake, speak with Palomir just to your right where he will inform you, that you are indeed fat and that you have been chosen to join the Veiled Heritance as an officer (you're really moving up in the world... of scum)