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Light Raiment of Valor

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Light Raiment of Valor
GoldIcon 3655
WeightIcon 13
ArmorIcon 15
Armor Health 100
Enchantment Value Fortify Attribute: Personality 10 pts
Fortify Fatigue 10 pts
Fortify Health 10 pts
Fortify Skill: Athletics 10 pts
Item ID 0003563E
Main article: Armor Sets (Oblivion)

The Light Rainment of Valor a unique full suit armor found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


It is given as a reward for defeating the Gray Prince in the final Arena match. Collect it from Ysabel Andronicus in the Arena Bloodworks. It comes in either a light armor or heavy armor version, and both have the same enchantment.

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