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Lightning Cloak is an Adept level Destruction spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Lightning Cloak surrounds the caster by a wall of lightning. If an enemy hits or gets too close to the caster, the enemy is shocked for 8 points of damage. Also, if Lightning Cloak is active, its damage is applied to the Dragonborn's melee damage.


  • Dual Casting doubles the range of the spell.
  • The spell is not affected by the Augmented Shock perk.
  • If the Dragonborn has the Disintegrate perk, the enemies will sometimes disintegrate when using the Lightning Cloak.

Spell tomeEdit


  • Weight: 1 WeightIcon
  • Value: 355 GoldIcon
  • See Spell Tome for a complete table of spell tomes, their descriptions, and their values.



  • Ancano, Ondolemar, and Electromancers will use this spell when entering combat.
  • Casting the spell does not harm the Dragonborn's followers.



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