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Lightning Splash is an active skill in the Storm Calling skill line used by the Sorcerer class in The Elder Scrolls Online.

It can be used in conjunction with Conduit, a synergy ability which deals powerful area-of-effect shock damage to all enemies in the vicinity of the player using the synergy.


  • Unlocked at Storm Calling rank 20.


Lightning FloodEdit

Liquid LightningEdit

  • U5: Fixed an issue where this ability was unintentionally doing extra damage to the first and second hit. [1]
  • U6: Increased the bonus initial damage to 94%, and will increase by an additional 2% with each rank.[2]


  • U2: From Update 2, Edited the tooltip so it more accurately reflects the damage dealt. [3]
  • U6: Increased the duration of Lightning Splash to 4 seconds. [2]
  • U6: Reduced the Synergy range for this ability. Activating the Synergy (Conduit) no longer removes lightning.[2]
  • U6: The Synergy damage now scales off of stamina/power.[2]
  • U6: Fixed an issue that allowed the synergy to be used repeatedly if no enemies were nearby.[2]



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