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Like Moths to a Candle

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Like Moths to a Candle is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The Sea Drakes have captured friends of <questgiver>Crafty Lerisa or Telonil. They're being held at Saintsport.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Lerisa's Pet monkey
  2. Talk to Crafty Lerisa
  3. Find a disguise
  4. Release Crenard Dortene
  5. Release Haerdon
  6. Release Mekag gro-Bug
  7. Meet Lerisa
  8. Get key to Storeroom
  9. Save Deregor
  10. Enter Captain Helane's cabin
  11. Give Helane the antidote or leave (let Helane die)
  12. Talk to Lerisa
  13. Complete the quest


If the Vestige talks to Kaleen about who to recruit, she will say that the key to finding Crafty Lerisa is to find her pet monkey Howler first in Saintsport. On the way, a stranger approaches with the name Telonil. He says most of the crew has drowned or have been captured. Find Howler, and they will find Crafty Lerisa.

Follow the marker to find the monkey and Lerisa sneaks up from behind. She explains her crew and she wont leave without them, help her and she'll owe them a favor. The plan is to disguise themselves into Sea Drakes and look for a portly Breton, a sour Redguard, and a big Orc. Once they're out meet Lerisa by Helane's ship. Watch out for Sea Drakes with torches, they will alert the others if spotted.

Follow the markers to locate each one of the captured crew and free them. Once they have finished, return to Lerisa by Helane's ship. She's pleased all three are rescued. It also turns out her first mate, Deregor has been captured as well and is being held captive in the belly of the ship. The keys are below deck. Find them, and then look for Deregor down there. In the mean time Lerisa will pay a visit to Helane in her cabin. She encourage the Vestige to come after they have released Deregor, just to say hello.

When the key is located, find Deregor and free him. Then head up to the captain's cabin where Lerisa has done something to Helane, she seems sick and falls to the floor in pain. Tell her Deregor is free and she'll say it's time to leave. She told her crew to gather on the beach: Meet me there and we'll square up. When asked about what she gave to Helane she says it's a jarrin root, a very nasty local poison. It wont kill her, not right away, but there is an antidote on the dresser.

The Vestige must make a choice here, either let Helane die or give her the antidote. Whatever is chosen, head over to the beach after to meet up with Lerisa and her crew. As a reward she will give them a Smuggler's Vest and some GoldIcon.

When you choose to give Helane the antidote Lerisa made some bitter comments towards the Vestige about other ships getting wrecked.

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