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Lillith Maiden-Loom

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Lillith Maiden-Loom
Lillith Maiden-Loom Whiterun
Race Elder / Nord
Gender Female
Level 4
Class Scout
Faction Whiterun
Rank Citizen
Essential No
Ref ID 0010E2B6
Base ID 00013BC0
"Come to chat with an old woman, hmm? Do your good deed for the day?"
―Lillith Maiden-Loom[src]

Lillith Maiden-Loom is an elderly Nord and an acquaintance of Maven Black-Briar.


Lillith Maiden-Loom is a citizen of Whiterun. She lives just outside the city walls in the Whiterun Stables with her employees Skulvar Sable-Hilt and, his son, Jervar. Not much is known about Lillith's past, but there are indications that she has lived a shady character's life in her younger years. She also claims to be a friend of Maven Black-Briar, from the Black-Briar Family in Riften, which might lead the conclusion that she's done some work with Maven in the past.


Letter from JervarEdit

Killing Lillith Maiden-Loom will result in the Dragonborn receiving a Letter from Jervar.

Quotes Edit

  • "Come to chat with an old woman, hmm? Do your good deed for the day?"
  • "My friend Maven and I ― have you met Maven, in Riften? ― we know our place in this world. We know the place of others, too."


  • Maiden-Loom has her own faction named WhiterunMaidenLoomManor in the Creation Kit. This possibly means that Maiden-Loom was initially supposed to be an important family in Whiterun and own a manor inside the city gates similar to the Black-Briars in Riften (this might be why Maiden-Loom would have such a connection to Maven). It is unknown why this was left out of the game, although it is most likely because Whiterun already has two great clans and there was simply no more room for neither another clan of power in the Whiterun politics, nor a sizable manor in Whiterun.
  • Though she claims to be friends with Maven Black-Briar, Maven never mentions her name.
  • According to the Creation Kit, her class is CombatScout.


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