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"The An-Xileel have been uniformly rude and arrogant, the city itself is a festering, putrid place. From the moment I entered Lilmoth, I have wanted nothing more than to leave it."
―Delia Huerc[src]

Lilmoth is a city in Black Marsh known as the "Festering Jewel of Black Marsh". It is the south-easternmost city both in the province and in all of Tamriel.

By gameEdit



Lilmoth is located on the southeastern coastline of Black Marsh and the Oliis Bay. The distance between Lilmoth and the Black Marsh coast is roughly 15 miles. 10 miles from Lilmoth is a large rock that towers the jungles. The area south of Lilmoth is populated with multiple rice plantations including Hereguard Plantation, which is one of the only ones still run by Bretons. Lilmoth has a clear distinction between the poor and rich citizens.[1]

Pussbottom is considered to be one of the dodgiest places in Lilmoth and is known as the gangrenous heart of Lilmoth. When the Empire stayed in Lilmoth in the late first era, Pussbottom was where the original Imperial settlers resided. Nowadays, Pussbottom is home to the sinister, desperate, poor, and dangerous citizens. The remains of the Imperial houses are cavernous and rickety. Skooma dealers have described Pussbottom as "a livable corner of a manse so ancient the first floor was entirely silted up."[1]

Old Imperial Lilmoth is the opposite of Pussbottom. Imperial Lilmoth has beautiful villas with vines grow on the sides and overgrown sleeping palms and bamboo on the ground. The streets were illuminated by pale phosphorescent lights of Lucan mold.[1]

Lilmoth's waterfront greatly resembles a cross. Seagulls generally fly above the waterfront like rats in the streets. This part of the city is partially sunken that when the double tide would come in, the waterfront would flood deep. The docks are attached to a massive stone quay to keep it still.[1]



Early yearsEdit

The city of Lilmoth was founded by the Lilmothiit, a race of vulpine beast-folk that were both nomadic and tribal. They were generally located in the southern marshes near cities such as Lilmoth and Blackrose. The Lilmothiit may have a relationship with Khajiit and their language, Ta'agra. Lilmothiit means "one who is from Lilmoth".[OOG 1]

First EraEdit

The Blackwater War was a war between the Second Empire and the armies of Argonia that spanned twenty-six years. There were three campaigns that invaded Black Marsh that were largely different. The outcome of the war determined Black Marsh's involvement in the future Four Score War. General Lucinia Falco led the Imperial Legion in the war after the passing of Regulus Sardecus. She believed the Battle of Argonia wouldn't be one by a single front so she had multiple fronts coming from the southern coast and Gideon. Falco urged the Empire into offering commissions to pirates in the Lilmoth and Archon coastline. While in league with the Legion of Diamond Marines, this force managed to take vast territories throughout the Oliis Bay and southeastern marshes.[2]

During the Four Score War in 1E 2920, the Battle of Bodrum commenced on the 20th of First Seed near the border town of Bodrum. To the west was Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III of the Second Empire, Reman assembled armies from the cities of Riverhold, Lilmoth, and Farrun at Caer Suvio. At the time, Lilmoth was ruled by Warchief Ulaqth. During the battle, Ulaqth led the right flank while Storig of Farrun and Queen Naghea of Riverhold led the left flank. To the east was Lord Vivec of the Tribunal of Resdayn, with his army of Dunmer assembled at Ald Erfoud. In the end, Vivec won the battle for Morrowind by cutting trees along the Pryai River.[3]

Third EraEdit

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During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion had at one point visited the city in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos.

By 3E 80, the warlord at the time was Lady Ioa.[4]

In 3E 109, the half-brother of Emperor Antiochus Septim, Magnus Septim married Hellena, the Imperial Queen of Lilmoth. Before that, the Argonian Priest-King that ruled Lilmoth was executed. Magnus and Hellena both represented the Imperial Government very admirably.[5]

During the War of the Red Diamond, King Magnus allied with King Cephorus Septim of Gilane to combat Queen Potema Septim and her army from Solitude. Magnus lead his Argonian army through Morrowind and eventually Skyrim. In 3E 127, Magnus and his Argonian army found the Wolf Queen's army at the Battle of Falconstar which ended in Potema's victory.[6]

Around 3E 173, the Hist tree in Lilmoth went rogue from the shared link between all the other Hist trees. The Hist purged this tree and a new tree grew from its roots.[1]

Fourth EraEdit

When the floating city known as Umbriel arrived above the city of Lilmoth, the souls of the inhabitants were sucked into the city and brought into the Ingenium which is a machine that requires souls. The corpses on Lilmoth were reanimated and followed Umbriel as it took more victims.[1]



  • When Arena was going to be a tournament-based game, Lilmoth's team was known as the Dark Tide.[OOG 2]
  • The term Thtachalxan means drykillers in Jel and is used to refer to the non-Argonian guard regiments in Lilmoth.[1]
  • Wiggling fingers on both hands as if something sticky is on it is way of showing agitation in Lilmoth.[1]



Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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