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Not to be confused with Lilmoth.

The Lilmothiit are a mysterious, long-unseen beast race that are thought to be extinct. Their fate is unknown, and the only information on them is stated in the Pocket Guide to the Empire.[1]


Like the Khajiit and Argonians, they are humanoid in form, and animalian in appearance. Said to look vulpine, meaning fox-like.[1]


The Lilmothiit used to call Black Marsh their homeland. It is not said why they left, some believe they were driven out by the Argonians or that they were wiped out by the Knahaten Flu in 2E 560 which killed everything not of reptilian stock. The Akaviri may have had interactions with the Lilmothiit, shown by the Akaviri using Lilmothiit ruins as grounds for prisons.[2][1]

They are most likely related to Khajiit, as they are also a mammal-based race.[1]


Although little is known about Lilmothiit culture, what is known about them is that, like most beast folk, they live(d) in a primitive, tribal society. It is also believed that the Lilmothiit were possibly nomadic.[1]



The Lilmothiit have appeared in no The Elder Scrolls games to date.

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