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A Limeware Bowl is a type of Dwarven limeware[1] in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. On Vvardenfell, it is a rare and valuable product imported by the East Empire Trading Company through Ebonheart.



Trade restrictions[2] on certain exotic items including all sorts of dwarven limeware have made it difficult to buy and sell limeware bowls at all. Anybody willing to trade with this merchandise needs a trading license granted by the East Empire Company.[3] To obtain such a license seems to be difficult; according to Alarvyne Indalas, a trader of glasswork and pottery in Vivec City, this is because of the manipulation of the East Empire Company member Bolrin.



  • 5 examples are inside Chun-Ook in Ebonheart.



Liberate the LimewareEdit

Due to the trade restrictions the merchant Alarvyne Indalas has run short of dwarven limeware to sell in her store. She asks the Nerevarine to steal the wares from a shipment in Ebonheart. Apart from five limeware cups the same number of limeware bowls in the belly of the ship Chun-Ook are subject to this theft.



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